Nine Resources for Detroit

(nine proposals to rethink a city)

img_nine-resources-detroit-0 Detroit, photo credit: R.Memeo

OUR Lab has been appointed as the curator of the exhibition "Nine Resources for Detroit", that will be held at Palazzo Tassoni Estense in Ferrara. This is a collateral event of the Festival Internazionale 2013. The exhibition will be open until October 25th.
The aim of the initiative is to discuss and reflect upon some issues related to the contemporary city, especially the potential of some great cities, that are currently facing a deep crisis after years characterized by an unstoppable urban growth.

img_nine-resources-detroit-1 Detroit, photo credit: F.Orsini

The topic will be further analyzed through the case study of Detroit, showing various researches led from 2009 by the Department of Architecture of the University of Ferrara with the collaboration of the University of Detroit Mercy. These studies were promoted by Alberto Francini and Gabriele Lelli, with the support of the University of Ferrara, Metrogramma, Amy Green Deines (University of Detroit Mercy), Pierluigi Sacco (IULM), Guido Ferilli (IULM) and Richard Ingersoll (Syracuse University).
The exhibition sets out the results and shows nine urban resources that can head the city development. The initiative presents also a photographic survey of the city, a video, and nine fast-paced lectures, one for each urban resource.

img_nine-resources-detroit-2 Downtown Detroit, photo credit: G.Sarmenghi

Alberto Francini (Metrogramma), Romeo Farinella (Urban Design professor, University of Ferrara) and Gabriele Lelli will deliver a keynote speech at 2:30pm, Saturday October 5th 2013 .
Then, nine fast-paced lectures will show nine urban resources that can be able to trigger a positive urban development. The speakers will be the same authors of the researches: Elisa Greco, Federico Orsini, Riccardo Russo, Federigo Luzzi, Roberta Pari, Gianmaria Socci, Sofia Bonvicini, Marco Roversi, Lorenzo Melandri, Stefano Tessarolo, Michele Pascucci, Riccardo Memeo, Lucia Bizzocchi; Maria Edvige Angelini, Marta Zannotti, Benedetta Gaiani, Maria Stefania Calini, Martina Clerici e Giulia Sarmenghi. All of the authors, now architects, spent some time analyzing and studying directly in Detroit, taking photos, travelling, interviewing people.


Nine resources for Detroit/nove risorse per Detroit is an initiative edited by
Gabriele Lelli (Architectural Design professor, University of Ferrara),
and Material Design Research Group (Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara).

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