Spazio Grisù Courtyard

(regeneration of a former fire station in ferrara, italy)

img_progetto-corte-spazio-grisu-1 Current situation

The proposal aims to reactivate the interior courtyard of a former fire station, that has been converted to a creative business incubator. The project area is 2600 mq and is located in the city centre of Ferrara, Italy.

img_progetto-corte-spazio-grisu-2 Project phase 1

Despite his value, the area looks quite shabby: the concrete platform in the middle of the courtyard has a rough surface due to the alterations in the last years, and pests and diseases threaten many trees. Thus, the main problems are providing access for people who use wheelchairs and encouraging people, both visitors and workers, to spend more time in the courtyard.
The project strategy is to make low-cost interventions in order to make the area more attractive. The concrete stage is covered with reclaimed wood planks and the red borders– corporate color of Spazio Grisù – help to recognize the steps, that can be used as well as seating. With these simple actions, the courtyard can become a flexible and welcoming space.

img_progetto-corte-spazio-grisu-3 Project phase 2

Our proposal is split up in two phases: the first one aims to improve the usability and the accessibility of the area, highlighting the steps and building a wheelchair ramp. The wooden cladding is the main intervention of the second phase. This proposal is supported by a crowdfunding website (, that promotes creative ideas and projects.

Corte Spazio Grisù
Ferrara, IT - 2013
OURLab team: G. Lelli, F. Criveto, M. Negri, F. Negri, L. Pasini, A. Vaccari

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