Coffee Talk @RICREA



21 Oct During Ricrea Festival, a 3-day event to talk about links between urban regeneration and business, OUR Lab will hold the workshop RIGENEGRARE: Best pracices in Italia ed Europa. We will show some of the most exciting experiences in Italy and Europe about digital education, innovative policies, technology, creative regeneration. [...]

CCBUR World Cafè



11 Apr OUR Lab has been invited at World Cafè in Buranello Civic Center to talk about urban regeneration and creative projects. [...]

Open Day Papigno



20 Jan OUR Lab will participate in the Papigno Open Day: an opportunity to think about the future of a former industrial complex with the Terni City Council.[...]

Workshop "The space inside"



14 Oct OUR Lab will be in Faenza at the international workshop "The space inside" to talk about creative reuse. The universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Lodz, Bordeaux e Haifa will attend the workshop.[...]

Nine Resources for Detroit



4 Oct OUR Lab has been appointed as the curator of the exhibition "Nine Resources for Detroit", that will be held at Palazzo Tassoni Estense in Ferrara. This is a collateral event of the Festival Internazionale 2013. The exibition will be open until October 25th. [...]

Crowdfunding Spazio Grisù



10 Jun Our project for the renovation of the courtyard at Spazio Grisù has been uploaded to Ginger, a crowdfunding website that supports creative ideas in Emilia-Romagna. Support us! [...]